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Meet new people, form great relationships, and speak your way to a better life with this conversational "learn by doing" system.

an xp learning kit by Jameson Lyon

Product photo of Chat Anywhere showing the interface and first day of the bootcamp.

The status quo

In Lonely Times...

In ever-lonely times,  great conversation skills are a superpower.Today, the forces against good conversation are strong…

  • Higher cost of living means more hours spent working

  • Hustle culture makes us question every unexpected message and DM

  • Wearables cancel noise, but also cancel chance interactions

  • Identity politics highlight our differences and hide our similarities

  • Social media platforms turn our networks into metrics

  • Global isolation ravaged our social systems and communities

In spite of this, your world is full of interesting people who would love to talk with you.You just need a few easy-to-learn skills to get the chat going.So, I built  a program to strengthen your conversation skills so you can lead and discover great chats with anyone, anywhere.

The Situation

Made For You

If any of these sound familiar, Chat Anywhere is made for you:

  • You stopped forming deep friendships after you graduated

  • You’re a 20- or 30-something sick of ghost/grind culture online

  • You’ve settled into a routine and feel like you’re not meeting new people

  • You’re tired of playing the numbers game on social and dating apps

  • You feel like conversations that start online tend to go nowhere

  • You want to revitalize forgotten or neglected friendships

  • You’re an empty-nester looking to (re)connect with your peers

  • You lost a large friend group to a past relationship

  • You recently moved and have few/no local friend groups

  • You feel isolated or lonely and want to do something about it

  • Your friends have become reclusive and you want more social vibrancy

  • You want more genuine and intentional connections in your life

  • You want to cultivate better professional opportunities

  • You want a social calendar that makes your heart sing

  • You want to connect deeply with the people and world around you

The solution

What's Included?

No matter which training you choose, the Chat Anywhere system will teach you the concepts and applications of:

A rocket blasting off

Convo Catapults

Introductions pattern interrupts and how to catapult over tired conversational defaults.

A roll of papers

2m Chat Blueprint

A simple and effective template to get you comfortable speaking to anyone for 2 minutes.

A simple chat bubble

Going Off Script

Cultivate a practice of enthusiastic listening to find hooks and pull on great conversational threads.

Two open palms

3 Open Traits

Open yourself up to conversation with 3 traits to be more approachable, confident, and engaging.

A person sat meditating

A Listening Lifestyle

Why and how to cultivate a mindful presence in your conversations and the situations that lead to them.

Two friends side by side

Chatting for Friends

Make small tweaks to your conversation to carry great chats into potential friendships and beyond.

A small green sapling

Chat Anywhere Mindset

Plant a growth-oriented mindset for chat-based connections with the people you encounter in the various areas of your life.

The Source

I believe in you

👋 Hey friends, my name’s Jameson. I’m the creator of Chat Anywhere and a believer that you can learn to make great conversation and positively impact your world because of it.

Photo of Jameson, the Chat Anywhere facilitator

Chat zero to hero

As a teenager, I struggled with social anxiety that stuck with me through my early 20s. After a moving to a city where I knew nobody, I decided to face my fear of talking to strangers to make new friends. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Fast forward to now. I’ve made friends since then that I consider family. I usually talk to one new person face-to-face each day. I run an interview podcast where I only prepare the first question.Much like weightlifting or learning to cook, you can build strong conversation skills with intentional practice and a good grasp of the basics... even if you’re starting from scratch.I used to get bullied for how bad I was at talking to people. Now, I get joy from starting great conversations anywhere I go.Believe that if I can learn this, you can too.

The Details

Before you buy

Chat Anywhere is not a packet of instant gratification to consume once and forget forever. Remember...The benefits of having great conversations compound slowly at first and massively over time.Chat Anywhere kickstarts your growth into the social, confident conversationalist you can become. But you have to commit to a practice to make these skills stick in the long run.

Parity PricingIf the cost of Chat Anywhere is prohibitive to you, reach out to me here and I’ll try to accommodate your financial situation.

Finally, Chat Anywhere may not be for you if...

  • Your primary goal is gaining one-way followers (not two-way connections)

  • You draw issue or concern with learning from a male instructor (Jameson)

  • You have difficulty sending text-based messages to people

  • You plan to only observe (and not participate)

  • You plan to only consume material (and not apply it in practice)

  • You are unwilling to verbally speak with others

  • You are unwilling to share a bit about yourself with others

  • You are unwilling to go outside and interact with people

  • You are unwilling to talk with someone who’s beliefs differ from your own

  • You are unwilling to read the content

The Guarantee

No risk to try

If you don't feel your conversation skills grow in the first 72 hours, I'll refund you no questions asked.That's the first 3 modules of the Chat Anywhere Bootcamp and if it doesn't work, you can ask for a full refund.Still not sure? Click below to get the first module of the Chat Anywhere conversational bootcamp free.Just create an account to get started. You'll have access to the free material for 1 week.

Product photo of Chat Anywhere showing the interface and first day of the bootcamp.

Pick your Kit

Start Training

Like to learn at your own pace? Eager to grow in lockstep with a friendly group? There's a Chat Anywhere experience for you.

⭐️ Chat Anywhere XP Kit

$0 $89

    🌤 Free in Early AccessAccelerate your chat skills and speak your way to a more connected life with:

    • Full 7 Day Self-Directed Bootcamp

    • 11 techniques to help you talk to anyone

    • 7 practice exercises to learn by doing

    • 7 stories of how these skills sound in action

    • Help line to get quick tips and feedback

    • Bonus: Early access to new material

    You will create your Chat Anywhere account then log in.

    💎 7 Day Coaching Program (Virtual)

    $295 $895

      Maximize your conversational ability in the areas of life you care about most.

      • Get personally coached by the Chat Anywhere Creator, Jameson Lyon

      • Run the 7 Day Bootcamp with a leader

      • Stay on track with synchronous learning

      • Daily milestone updates and check-ins

      • Get specific advice to your unique goals

      • 1:1 feedback and exercises

      • Only pay if you quantifiably improved

      You will submit your application via Tally
      I usually email you back within 48 hours!

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